We find ourselves sometimes bloated of information about video games, new or retro. We just want to see very quickly if a game is what we thought it is, or if it is what we were looking for without too much hassle.

I am introducing the “5 minutes Gaming” on my youtube channel, a concept of providing a quick view of a game, but from the actual game play, no intro or anything else, just straight to the point. The games will begin at the exact moment a player is asked to “Press Fire to Start”. Like this you will have the actual game presented to you immediately.

I have started with a 5 Minutes Gaming of the Amiga version of Marble Madness, the choice is pure coincidental. I just wanted to see how everything comes together in this sort video, and I believe the concept is there. Games will be uploaded regularly.

Fee free to contact me for any suggestions or games you would like to see.

5 Minutes Gaming Playlist